Join the Osprey Legacy Society

Join EDF’s Osprey Legacy Society of like-minded supporters today—now with more than 4,200 members and growing!

Our team has helped thousands of EDF members like you secure an impact for the future of the planet through gifts in their wills or living trusts or through beneficiary designations in retirement plans, life insurance policies, or donor-advised funds. Many supporters also make gifts that pay them back for life, such as charitable gift annuities.

By strategically selecting which estate assets go to loved ones and which go to the environment, Osprey Legacy Society members are making plans that will have an impact for our planet and our future.

Osprey Legacy Society Members receive:

  • A lifetime subscription to Solutions, EDF's quarterly newsletter
  • Quarterly special reports on the work your support makes possible
  • Invitations to exclusive field trips, special events, and webinars
  • Twice yearly e-newsletters with the latest updates on strategic philanthropy
  • And more!

The Osprey Legacy Society honors the vision of the founders of EDF and the importance of their victory in 1972 over the use of DDT, which helped spark the modern environmental movement.

These founders provided not only the scientific foundation for our early efforts but also inspiration for continued environmental progress. They made a lifetime commitment to improving the environment.

Like our founders, Osprey Legacy Society Members are committed to the long-term protection of the environment by including EDF in their estate plans.




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