Donor Stories

Learn why these Osprey Legacy Society members chose to include EDF in their gift plans and how we are working together towards the health of our planet.

Link to Sharon Austin's story
Sharon Austin: Acting with Foresight, Generosity, and Hope

"The earth is my home, and I want to keep it clean.”
Joan Bloom. Link to her story
Joan Bloom: Creates Charitable Gift Annuity

"Healthy and resilient ocean ecosystems benefit both the marine life and the communities. It’s important to me to be a part of this intersectional work.”
Art Cooley. Link to video
Leaving a Legacy
"I want somebody to work on these issues."
Art Cooley, EDF Founding Trustee, shares about his legacy gift.
Stephanie Barko. Link to her story
"To me, the earth is first."

Osprey Legacy Society member Stephanie Barko explains why she is ready to make a difference for the environment.
Michael Colvin. Link to his story
Michael Colvin: I want my legacy to reflect my values

“The environment is meant to be shared, and I’m so glad that I can help share it with future generations.”
James Benkard. Link to his story
James Benkard: A Tenacious Advocate

"There was something rare about his steely personal compass and unwavering commitment to the public good. We need to hold his spirit and make sure it continues to inspire us."
Leslie and Bob Cutler. Link to their story
Partnership Power

Bob and Leslie Cutler, EDF donors, share why they also chose to include EDF in their estate plans.
Paul Epton. Link to his story
Paul Epton: Living Lightly on the Earth

“I believe every little bit helps.”
Jamie Hartshorn. Link to her story
Jamie Hartshorn: Member Spotlight

“A charitable gift annuity is a way I can support the mission of EDF and at the same time earn guaranteed income in my retirement.”
Rick Van De Poll. Link to his story
Rick Van De Poll: Saying “Yes” to Taking Action

“EDF has more ‘Yes’ answers to environmental issues and concerns than any other organization I know of.”


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