Joan Bloom Creates Charitable Gift Annuity to Support EDF’s Future

Joan Bloom

Having lived in the bay area for most of her life, Joan Bloom is passionate about wildlife and people. “Environmental and refugee causes are of utmost concern to me,” Joan shares.

As an EDF supporter for 15 years and counting, she has followed the growth and results of EDF’s many partnerships with interest—including those with local fishing communities (now active in 12 countries around the world).

This is why, when she inherited a family member’s IRA, she decided to liquidate the money and give it to charity. With consideration of increased expenses as she ages, Joan decided a gift annuity with EDF would be the best option for her because she could earn income while helping the environment.

“The holistic approach that EDF takes to help the environment—people, communities, animals, etc.—is what’s needed to protect our earth. Healthy and resilient ocean ecosystems benefit both the marine life and the communities. It’s important to me to be a part of this intersectional work.”


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