Sharon Austin: Acting with Foresight, Generosity, and Hope

Spring outside a building

Sharon Austin’s enduring connection with nature traces back to her early years. Raised in the Bed-Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, she found solace in the birds and trees of local parks—an escape from the bustle of city life. This bond was further nurtured through her participation in the Camp Fire Girls of America and the Girl Scouts of the USA.

As she grew older, Sharon witnessed the transformation of her neighborhood as it shifted increasingly from treescapes to cityscapes. These changes ignited her determination to make a tangible difference in preserving the planet. Sharon asserts, “The earth is my home, and I want to keep it clean.” Her quest led her to seek out environmental organizations that align with her values, which led her to EDF and now 15 years of membership support.

Now at the age of 69, Sharon is profoundly aware of the responsibility we have towards future generations and protecting the earth. In an act of foresight and generosity, Sharon has included EDF in her estate plan.

Her contribution to EDF isn’t just a testament to a lifetime spent championing the cause of environmental protection, it’s a symbol of hope. Sharon is optimistic that today’s youth will surpass previous generations in environmental care and conservation, creating a sustainable future for all.


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