Partnership Power: Leslie and Bob Cutler

Leslie and Bob Cutler

"EDF partners with really valuable players, and that really makes a difference," says Leslie Cutler, an avid gardener who lives in Boulder, Colorado, with her husband Bob.

The Cutlers saw this firsthand when EDF staff sat down with state government, industry, and other nonprofits to make Colorado the first state to regulate methane emissions from oil and gas activities directly. The rule was a breakthrough for cleaner air, which the Cutlers cherish during their regular hikes and cycling excursions.

"EDF worked with a variety of stakeholders to get results in our state," says Bob, who promotes socially responsible investment strategies. He was first drawn to EDF because of EDF’s work with corporate giants. "EDF is willing to talk to companies that other groups might not approach. That's one way they can accomplish so much."

“These victories are why we are more certain than ever that a brighter future is within our grasp. The more we learn about EDF, we see that their work to find common ground on a constructive basis is what sets them apart. We want to ensure that EDF is able to continue to work on the important environmental issues of the future.”

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