Paul Epton: Living Lightly on the Earth

Paul Epton

Paul Epton is a familiar sight around Minneapolis. He rides his bike throughout the year—even in the depths of the Minnesota winter—as he has for more than 40 years.

“I believe every little bit helps,” he says. “When people see some 70-year-old guy riding in zero degrees, it may convince them it’s possible for them too.”

Riding his bike is one of the many things Paul does to put into action his philosophy of living lightly on the earth. He learned it from his mom, and he has been taking steps to reduce his impact on the planet ever since.

“I want my legacy to reflect my concern for the environment and humanity.”

Paul is a longtime member of EDF, and he joined the Osprey Legacy Society by including EDF in his will because he respects EDF’s science-based approach to environmentalism.

“Be an example to people by living your values every day,” he says. “Think about what is important to you today and after you’re gone. Whatever those priorities are—whether it’s friends, family, or causes—support them wholeheartedly in whatever way you can.”


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