Kathleen (Kacey) Conway: A View from the Front Lines

Kacey Conway

Kacey Conway worked on the front lines for the environment in Grand Junction, Colorado, battling invasive plants and inspecting oil and gas wells for the Bureau of Land Management. Seeing the recent attacks coming from Washington, D.C., Kacey threw her support behind EDF as a group that would go to the mat for things she cares about.

“EDF went to court on day one to keep this administration in check,” she says. Kacey especially appreciates our work aimed at stopping methane pollution from oil and gas operations. As a well inspector, she encountered leaks of this potent greenhouse gas. “EDF is helping ensure companies take responsibility for this waste,” she says.

In addition to her monthly contribution, Kacey recently included EDF in her will. “I find an organization I believe in and invest in them. That’s how we get change that lasts. We can’t always do much as individuals. It’s in groups like EDF that we have power.”


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